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Platinum Monoselenide, PtSe

Berzelius observed that platinum and selenium unite, when heated together, to yield a grey, refractory selenide. Roessler obtained the monoselenide by igniting an intimate mixture of platinum powder and half its weight of selenium under a layer of borax at a temperature approaching the melting-point of gold (circa 1062° C.).

The product is a dark grey, brittle substance of Platinous Selenide, Platinum Monoselenide, PtSe, breaking up into shining leaflets when struck slightly.

With selenides of the alkali metals and of tin, complex seleno-stanno- platinates have been obtained. The general formula M2Se.SnSe2.3PtSe or M2SnPt3Se6 is given to them, analogous to that for the thio-stanno-platinates, M2SnPt3S6.

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