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Sodium Chlor-platinate, Na2PtCl6

Sodium Chlor-platinate, Na2PtCl6.6H2O, crystallises in red, triclinic prisms, of density 2.499. These become anhydrous at 100° C., being converted into a yellow powder.

The heat of solution of the anhydrous salt is:

[Na2PtCl6] + Aq. = Na2PtCl6.Aq. +8.54 Cals.

For the hydrated salt:

[Na2PtCl6.6H2O] + Aq. = Na2PtCl6.Aq. -10.63 Cals.

The heat of formation is:

[Pt] + 2(Cl2) + 2[NaCl] = [Na2PtCl6] + 73.7 Cals.

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