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Strontium Platinocyanide, SrPt(CN)4

Strontium Platinocyanide, SrPt(CN)4.5H2O, is most easily obtained by boiling the copper derivative with aqueous strontium hydroxide. The crystals form monoclinic tablets, milky white in colour, but exhibiting a delicate violet surface-tint and a green fluorescence. The crystallographic elements are:

а: b: с = 0.6850: 1: 0.4657. p = 94° 49'.

At 160° C. the salt becomes white and anhydrous. By crystallising mixed solutions of strontium and potassium platinocyanides the double salt Strontium Potassium Platinocyanide, SrK2[Pt(CN)4]2.4H2O, is obtained.
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