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Tetra-iodo-dihydroxy-platinic Acid, H2PtI4(OH)2

Tetra-iodo-dihydroxy-platinic Acid, H2PtI4(OH)2, has been obtained by Bellucci in solution as the result of allowing platinum tetra-iodide to remain in contact with 95 per cent, alcohol. The brown solution obtained has an acid reaction, and decomposes carbonates.

By addition of concentrated aqueous solutions of soluble salts of silver, lead, thallium, and mercury, the following insoluble salts have been obtained: Ag2PtI4(OH)2; PbPtI4(OH)2.Pb(OH)2; Tl2PtI4(OH)2; and HgPtI4(OH)2.
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